Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Funeral Games II - Whoops! A Palace Coup!

In part 1 of my review of the megagame Funeral Games, my character, Perdiccas had been assasinated.

After a break, I was given a new role for the second half of the game. I was to be the youngest, and very wayward, son of AntipaterAlexarchus.

Alexarchus was a very different role, more appealing to the role player in me. Although in the end I did something that influenced the game. I was effective, by accident!

I had only two game objectives in my brief. 
  1. My big brother, Cassander, was always and utterly right and I would follow and do whatever he said.
  2. I wanted to found a New Thebes, in Greece, so my new religion of sun worship could thrive.
In the historical background to the brief I was told that I liked Diogenes the Cynic. In fact I was told he was my hero and if I wasn't Alexarchus, I would have wanted to be Diogenes. I liked new religions, building cities, chatting and hanging out with my mates. I thought Queen Olympias and her daughter Cleopatra made a lovely couple. I though most people in the world were squares and not cool. I wanted to found a new age elite colony of like minded sun worshipers. I must have spent a fortune on hair cuts and clothes.

So I was a Macedonian hippy, with some power and prestige and a very determined and aggressive big brother, Cassander.

It was a very different role from being the authoritarian and ineffective Perdiccas. I could just role play. My first game act was to refuse to go on the Macedonian hunt - I wasn't into killing animals. At any opportunity I could I mentioned the power of the sun, and praised him, sometimes in song. I then took to sidling upto players hanging around quiet tables and asking them if they wanted to be immortalised in stone. I would build them a city, and name it after them, all they had to do was give me 2,500 talents, I could get the Tyche cards and 2 units of Hoplites. To my surprise a tired looking Seleuchus said yes. He had money and liked the idea. I am not sure why, perhaps he thought he would ingratiate himself with my nasty big brother, Cassander.

Anyways. The conversation went a bit like this:

Hey Cassander big bro dude, how's it hanging. (I think I was getting all Bill and Ted on him, at this point.) 

Watcha our kid. Whaddyaupto? 

Dude bro, how's about building the New Thebes and getting all our cool mates to come along. We can smoke and drink and party like the sun ain't never coming back. I got this shaved head soldier bloke, mate of our old Dad, who says he's got enough bread to spread to make us the city, Daddyo.

Well that get's a bit tiresome, but you get the idea.

Anyway, it all worked a treat and we got the new Thebes-Seleuchus built somewhere in the back-olive groves of Greece. The only thing I had forgot was Cassander and his brief. He had been talking with my other brother and they had decided that they were going to capture Queen Olympias and Cleopatra. Well I knew they were the hot couple, always at the best parties, so I approved. Only thing was, he got me and my hoplites to go to the palace when everyone was busy on campaign or partying at the new city. We then killed the guards and our men ran amuck through the palace, capturing and killing the Queen, though Cleopatra escaped. I was mortified. It really was a downer. All that blood on my new party clothes and just when my new city was going to be the hoopiest place in Greece and the rest of the known world. We were going to have the party of the universe. And now we had a dead old Queen looking like a Dutch cheese. 

So I ran off to my new city and chilled out. 

And then I had an idea, I was going to build a protest statue. I was going to build a colossus, of Diogenes, with a miniature Alexander the Great, who would rotate and always be in Diogenes' shade. Yeah, they would be so overcome with shame and guilt, all those turnip headed squares. That would tell 'em. I tried to get, Arrhidaeus, the architect who built Alexander's funeral cortege, to build my colossus, but he got all timid and square on me and said the bad dudes with spears would spit him. I gave him a withering look and went back to my sunlight city.

That was a real bummer.

Then the game ended.


This was the complete antithesis to Perdiccas' role. I had a little bit of money, some prestige, and some dynastic points. And I just got in a role-played and a lot of fun. 

Perhaps a great illustration of why megagames are such addictive fun. You bring yourself to the game and make the game you want - within some limitations.

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