Monday, 7 August 2017

Post play-test blues

There must be a word for post play-test blues.
After all the effort I put in to my game design, especially over the last few days, all the final printing, cutting and ordering of paper and bits. Then all the little failures of my design during the play test. Not really balanced with the smaller joys of players actually engaging with the game - little breadcrumbs that are easily swept away. Followed by a long evening and night of going over the improvements, or half writing the After Action Report (AAR) in your head, waking at 3:30 and thinking NO NO did I get that wrong... Should I change this.
And then the next day you wake up and think. To hell with it. I'll put it all back in the folder.
I think I have always gone through this personal post-game blue-debrief.
And you know what. The solution is simple. Write about it. Write your AAR as soon as possible. Use it as therapy to get it all out of the system. Use it to wrap up those wallowing thoughts of nagging failure and go through to the uplands of the NEXT TIME.
Creativity is difficult. And very rewarding.

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